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Company information
Name: EURAASS (Micro-Enterprise)
Activity: Publication of scientific journals
Capital: 2,000 Euro
Address: REGUS, 16 Avenue de l’Europe, Building SXB1, 67300 Schiltigheim, France
Registration number: SIREN : 838 108 009
Registration number: SIRET : 838 108 009 000 13
Code of professional activity to exercise: 5814 Z (France)

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2 rue Kellermann
BP 80157
59100 Roubaix


The EU general data protection regulation 2016/679 (GDPR)
will take effect on May 25th, 2018.

EURAASS with Manuscript Manager, stores, and processes personal information while submission, review, administrative and subscription actions and we are therefore required to adhere to the relevant sections of the EU-GDPR.

Below is a description of our obligations under EU-GDPR.

  1. Appoint a data protection officer responsible for understanding the regulations and disseminating the relevant information regarding the regulations to staff or sub-contractors.
  2. Enter into a legally binding contract with Manuscript Manager to ensure that our mutual responsibilities under EU-GDPR are fulfilled.
  3. Fulfill our obligations under article 28 of the regulations that are specifically directed at data processors and outline obligations to data security, confidentiality and transparency.
  4. Process personal data only on documented instructions by Manuscript Manager on our request, unless required to do so by Union or Member State law to which Manuscript Manager is subject.
  5. Assistance of Manuscript Manager in fulfilling our obligations under articles 16 to 20, rights of users to manage and update personal data, rights to erasure and restrictions of processing. Also under articles 32 to 36 data security, reporting security breaches and data protection impact assessments.
  6. Adhere to codes of conduct for data processors under article 40 and establish data protection certification mechanisms as per article 42.

Data privacy

Privacy Statement

Most of the internet user are highly concerned to provide the personal information while submission of their manuscripts. We recognize that when interacting online submissions on submission portals, most of the users are concerned about what information is
 collected about them passively when visiting websites.
 This Privacy Statement outlines EURAASS approach to privacy
 and obligations under EU general data protection regulation 2016/679

Data protection

We take all practical and applicable security measures with collaboration of our submissionpartner “Manuscript Manager” to protect personal
 information from accidental loss and from unauthorized access. As most of the data is stored on server of Manuscript Manager, while submission time, they use 
industry standard norms to ensure as best as they can that data integrity and 
security is maintained. The data that is stored on EURAASS website, we secure it through appropriate measures to protect it from any unlawful use.

Data collection

EURAASS and Manuscript Manager do not used the personal and non-personal data for any reason commercial or otherwise. Data collected is controlled
 and used by us according to the relevant
 regulations including the EU general data protection regulation 2016/679

View and modification of data

Personal data is held by EURAASS journals 
within Manuscript Manager. If you are unsure if any personal data about you exist, you can attempt to sign in to the relevant site by using your email – 
and password retrieval from the sign in page of EURAASS login of relevant journal.
 Alternatively, you can contact the us directly and we will check it and inform you. If you suspect you have an account containing personal data in 
Manuscript Manager but cannot retrieve a password, you are welcome to
 contact EURAASS or Manuscript Manager and we can help you to solve the issue as soon as possible.

Any personal information can be found in the ‘profile’ section of the program 
once you have signed in by using Manuscript Manager. This information can be amended and updated by 
you at any time.

Future changes in privacy statement

In case of change in our Privacy Policy in future, we will post future 
changes here and notify you directly of any changes.