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2019: Europen International Conference on Transforming Urban Systems (EICTUS-2019), 26 – 28 June 2019, Université de Strasbourg – France

The EICTUS-2019 conference is proposed to bring together all the actors working on urban environment at international scale. The project aims to share experiences and create an international dynamic to find collective solutions to environmental and social problems that are arising progressively in many cities of the world.

 The major themes of the conference are as under:

  • Sustainable cities
  • Urban metabolism and sustainability
  • Urban ecology and eco-services
  • Urban land-use, development and planning
  • Energy resources, sustainable urban energy productions and supplies
  • Urban mobility, sustainable and innovative urban transport systems
  • Urban pollutions (air, water, soil) and reduction strategies
  • Urban risks, remediation and protection strategies
  • Urban economy and cost-effectiveness strategies
  • Other inter-disciplinary topics related to urban transition

Last date of abstract submission:                15.03.2019