Arts and Social Sciences

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Welcome to Arts and Social Sciences journal

(A multidisciplinary research journal)

Arts and Social Sciences journal welcomes the submissions from the research areas related to Archaeology and museum studies, Architecture and History of Art, Civics, Criminology, Cultural studies, Demography, Development studies, Economics, Education, Fine arts, Gender studies, Geography, Health and physical education, History, Human evolutionary studies, International relations, Journalism and media studies, Land management, Law, Library and information science, Linguistics (all language studies), Media technology, Music, culture and arts, Philosophy, Political Science, Regional studies, Religious studies, Social work, Sociology, Sports sciences, Tourism, leisure and hospitality, Transportation, Urban and rural geography, Women studies.

Besides these research areas commentaries and communications, the research work on other topics related to Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences is also welcome to be submitted in the journal.

We are looking forward for your submissions in this journal.



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