European Journal of
Climate Change

ISSN-E: 2677-6472

Aims and Scopes

European Journal of Climate Change (EJCC) is a leading international peer-reviewed interdisciplinary academic research journal that publishes original research work related to all aspects of climate studies.

The major research areas of this journal include regional and urban planning (land, human activities, economy etc.), sustainable energy planning, consumptions and relation with climate, greenhouse gases emissions, climate chemical and physical processes from local to global scales, risks and impacts assessment from global to local scale, climate and human interaction, climate and ecology, climate and environmental pollution, extreme climate/weather events, impacts of climate change on economic and social issues, responses to climate change, climate governance, climate policies and designs, climate communications, climate related population initiatives, reduction and mitigation strategies, cost and benefit of climate mitigation strategies, climate laws and legislations, climate and sustainable agriculture, technological innovations to study climate, vulnerability, resilience and adaptation, climate resilient economy and society, climate-related displacement and migration, sustainable cities, institutional development to response climate change, politics of climate, outcome of implementation of global pacts to combat climate change.

The scope of the journal is not limited to these subjects or research areas, any other topic related to climate studies can be submitted in this journal.

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