European Journal of
Cell Science

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Welcome to European Journal of Cell Science

European Journal of Cell Science (EJCS) is a new journal Published under the Euraass (European Academy of Applied and Social Sciences), based in Strasbourg, France.

EJCS aims to encompass all aspects of cellular and molecular biology in order to inform the inner workings of individual cells, as well as how cells react and respond to each other and their environment. EJCS is created and launched according to this objective, proposing and promoting an easy way to share innovation, works, and create connections to go further!

EJCS will be competing head-on with a number of existing subscription-based journals. However, there is clearly a niche for the new journal. The reason for this is because all journal articles will be accessible without any access boundaries to all internet users throughout the world. Another major benefit of open access online journals is that anyone can contribute, and not only those in major institutions. These freedoms are coupled with rigorous, fair and prompt standards of peer review. The editorial team of EJCS is welcoming your submission related to any field of experimental biology including the major areas of cell sciences such as aging and stress responses, autophagy, apoptosis, necrosis, biochemistry, bioinformatics, biology of organelles, cancer, cell biology, cell division, cell metabolism, cell physiology, cellular kinetics, chromatin biology and genome organization, differentiation, disease mechanisms, DNA replication, transcription, translation, RNA processing and decay, recombination, and repair, enzyme mechanism, natural product biosynthesis, epidemiology, evolution, fertilization, genetics, genomics, glycobiology, immunology, hematology, virology, lipid metabolism, microbial pathogenesis, microbiology, molecular biology, morphogenesis, neuroscience, proteomics, regeneration, cell signaling, systems biology and therapeutics.

Thank you for visiting our journal, submissions are open and welcomed.



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