European Journal of
Pharmaceutical Research

ISSN-E: 2650-7501

Aims and Scopes

European Journal of Pharmaceutical Research (EJPR) is a leading international peer-reviewed academic journal that publishes high quality research and analysis on all aspects of pharmaceutical studies.

European Journal of Pharmaceutical Research aims to publish the research related to:

Pharmacology: Basic molecular and cell biology, physiological and pathological mechanisms, structural biology for therapeutic target identification, rational drug design, mechanism of drug action, preclinical and clinical studies, drug toxicity, pharmacoepidemiology, pharmacological characterization and evaluation, pharmacokinetics related studies, therapeutic drug monitoring, adverse drug reactions, personalized treatment protocols.

Pharmacognosy: Phytochemistry, phytopharmaceuticals, herbal drug research, nutraceuticals, Identification and characterization of natural products for therapeutic purposes, identification of pharmaceutical active molecules, pharmacological active ingredient isolation and purification procedures.

Pharmaceutical chemistry: Synthesis and chemical characterization of pharmaceutically active molecules, structure activity relationships, development and validation of new process for synthesis, drug evaluation, drug stability analysis, computational chemistry and simulation studies.

Pharmaceutics: Development of new dosage forms, formulation studies, evaluation of raw materials, methods and process in pharmaceutical industry and improving drug targeting.

Pharmaceutical technology: Development and application of biopharmaceuticals for therapy, novel and improved methods for production of biopharmaceutical in industry and development of new diagnostic and medical devices.

Besides these areas commentaries and communications regarding community pharmacy practices which can influence the regulatory policies and treatment protocols are also welcome to be submitted in the journal.

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