Journal of
Urban Environment

ISSN-E: 2726-0844

Aims and Scopes

Journal of Urban Environment (JUE) aims to become a leading international peer-reviewed interdisciplinary academic research journal that publishes original research work related to all aspects of urban environment.

The aim of this journal is to publish the research work in any subject area related to urban environment such as urban land use, planning and sprawl, vegetation cover, paved surfaces, urban slums, economic activities, mobility, transportation policies and innovation on transport systems, extensive use of energy, energy consumption and innovation on energy use, housing plans, urban climate change (short or long term) and its effects,, air pollutant emissions, , urban pollution (air, water, soil, noise, waste) and its impacts, health degradation, urban flooding, urban environmental processes, urban ecology and ecosystem, urban biodiversity, biophilic urbanism, green cities, parks, open spaces, innovative and creative cities, reports, surveys and data collection about urban environment studies, vulnerabilities, risks, environmental policies, actions and benefits, innovation on urban environmental research, sustainable cities, resiliencies and adaptation strategies for cities.

The scope of the journal is not limited to these subjects or research areas, any other topic related to urban environment can be submitted.

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