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Publication Ethics

Plagiarism Policy

To avoid any kind of plagiarism issue, the authors are advised to use proper citation of the material/content/literature that is being use as a reference in the manuscripts. If the content being used in the manuscript is restricted to copy right in any form for further use according to copy right policy of the source publisher, it is essential to seek the permission from the main source of publisher or author, whichever concern. In case the plagiarism is detected even after the publication of the article in this journal, the publication will be cancelled and the article will be removed from the source of publication (online and print versions) of this journal. The whole responsibility to check the plagiarism and to submit the manuscript without any kind of plagiarism, copy right issue or other related matters is solely on the authors. The Editorial Team of this journal neither will be responsible for any copied material nor any plagiarized content submitted by the authors.


Being an author is not enough. There are many people or organizations involved to complete a research project or study. The authors are suggested to acknowledge all those contributors who do not meet the criteria for authorship but helped them by providing financial support, technical help, research material at the labs, general support, language or other writing help.

Declaration by the author(s)

All the submissions in this journal are considered as original research work. At the last step of the online submission process of manuscript, the author has to submit the declaration. The principal author or the author who is submitting the manuscript on behalf of all the contributing authors must agree the terms and conditions of Publication Ethics which are given below:

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